Free and open source

Free to use for any purpose, source code available under MIT license

Cross database

Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, MongoDB, SQLite and others

Cross platform

Works on Windows, Linux, MacOS and in WEB browser


DB Connections

Connect to multiple databases, directly or through SSH tunnel

Data Editor

Browse or edit data in your tables or views, filter by column value.

SQL Editor and SQL Generator

Edit SQL queries with auto-complete suggestions

Export and Import

Export and import from/to CSV, JSON or Excel. Use JavaScript scripting support

NoSQL Database Support

Connect to MongoDB or Redis, browse or filter JSON document data

SQL/MongoDB query builder

Visually design query or combine data from SQL or MongoDB databases

Schema editor and deployer

Edit table schema with keys and indexes. Use database compare tool, deploy your DB models.


Use custom plugins for import/export formats

NDJSON viewer

Powerful viewer for NDJSON/JSON lines format


ER diagrams, dark theme, charts, maps. Configurable keyboard shortcuts

Online Demo Application

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Latest News

Version 5.1.5 - MongoDB query builder

The newest version brings quite unique feature for MongoDB - query builder. Well, it works very differently from SQL query designer, but you can select data from more collections and join them together, as in normal SQL query builder.

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