DbGate is fast and efficient database administration tool

Try demo application with sample Postgres and MySQL databases
Explore DbGate source code in github repository


  • View or edit your data
  • Use easy-to-use quick filters
  • Master/detail views
  • One-click group by function
  • Edit SQL query
  • Code completion
  • Join wizard - add SQL joins effectively
  • SQL formatter
  • Export and import
  • Supported formats: CSV, Excel, JSON
  • Support for scripting with JavaScript
  • Copy tables between different database servers
  • Preview of imported files
  • Create multiple MS SQL, MySQL, Postgres connections
  • Browse database structure
  • Explore tables, views, stored procedures, functions
  • Free table editor - lightweight and fast table data editor
  • Batch operation with preview support
  • Undo, redo
  • Save to JSON lines format, organize into archives
  • Extension plugin architecture
  • Plugin is normal NPM package, can be published to NPM repository
  • yeoman template for creating own plugins


Download latest release

File name OS Description
dbgate-latest.exe Windows Installer
dbgate-latest.AppImage Linux AppImage
dbgate-latest.deb Linux Debian package *
dbgate-latest.dmg MacOS Application

* Debian package for Linux doesn't support autoupgrade feature. All other distributions (Windows, Linux AppImage, MacOS) supports autoupgrade.

Download older releases from github for Windows, Linux or Mac
Use web based application, run server on Docker


Master/detail view

Query editor

Export data screen

View table structure

JavaScript scripting

Dark mode

Free table editor with macro preview

Preview of imported MS Excel file