About DbGate and author

I started to develop DbGate at the end of 2019. Main reason was, that I switched from Windows to Linux, where it was quite hard to find any usable database tool.

DbGate goals

  • Complete free and open source, no paid enterprise editions
  • Simple, but powerful. One toolbar, no milions of icons without description. Heavy use of context menu
  • Should runs everywhere - Windows, Linux, Mac, web browser, maybe also mobile web in future
  • Stable and robust. Critical error in one database driver must not influence stability of app
  • Scriptable, using dbgate nodejs packages

About author

My name is Jan Prochazka, I live in Czech Republic. I was specialized to realtime computation software, which used heavy Miccrosoft SQL Server. Now I work mainly with JavaScript and modern techology stack around it.

Wrote about us

You can see, what wrote about DbGate Softpedia software catalog portal

Sources of inspiration

I am playing with creating database management quite a long time. This software inspired me at most:

  • Visual Studio Code - great IDE, simple but powerful
  • DatAdmin, DbMouse - DB management tools, which I created in past
  • Beekeeper Studio - simple but nice SQL client written in nodejs/electron
  • Navicat - and its color scheme in table data browser, which I am using over 10 years


Any feedback is welcome, please create issue on GitHub