About DbGate and author

I started to develop DbGate at the end of 2019. Main reason was, that I switched from Windows to Linux, where it was quite hard to find any usable database tool.

DbGate goals

  • Complete free and open source, no paid enterprise editions
  • Simple, but powerful. One toolbar, no milions of icons without description. Heavy use of context menu
  • Should runs everywhere - Windows, Linux, Mac, web browser, maybe also mobile web in future
  • Stable and robust. Critical error in one database driver must not influence stability of the app
  • Prepared for big databases - never load full table or query result into memory, use streams everywhere
  • Scriptable, using dbgate nodejs packages

About author

My name is Jan Prochazka, I live in Czech Republic. I was specialized to realtime computation software, which used heavy Miccrosoft SQL Server. Now I work mainly with JavaScript and modern techology stack around it.

Wrote about us

DbGate was published on Hacker News. You can read large discussion about DbGate and other SQL clients.

You can see, what wrote about DbGate Softpedia software catalog portal

DbGate technology stack

  • DbGate frontend is built with excellent Svelte framework. Formerly is was build with React
  • Backend uses node.js
  • Application uses electron
  • Web version is distributed as docker container

Sources of inspiration

I am playing with creating database management tools quite a long time. This software inspired me at most:

  • Visual Studio Code - great IDE, simple but powerful
  • DatAdmin, DbMouse - DB management tools, which I created in past
  • Beekeeper Studio - simple but nice SQL client written in nodejs/electron
  • Navicat - and its color scheme in table data browser, which I am using over 10 years


Any feedback is welcome, please create issue on GitHub