Supporting DbGate

Thank you for considering to support DbGate.

DbGate is an MIT-licensed open source project, it has no commercial version.

Currectly I am developing DbGate only in my free time. My current goal is to support develop of 1 MD/week.

There are lot of improvements to be implemented and lot of bugs to be fixed, by supporting DbGate you will help to achieve this goal.

How can you help?

There are a few ways in which you can make a donation:

If you want to help and you prefer another way than financial support, please check contribution info on GitHub

If you are member of the company using DbGate, you would like to extend DbGate with features you wish and you could afford to pay for this work, please contact me at mail (mail address). There are lot of issues on GitHub and I cannot solve them all. I am open to discuss your requests. Price will be dependend on feature complexity (about 30 EUR / 1 hour of work). I will create smaller price for features with bigger potential to be usable to other users.