Cross-platform MS SQL Database Manager

DbGate - the Smartest (no)SQL Database Client

DbGate for SQL Server Client

DbGate for SQL Server is free and open source database manager for Linux, Windows and MacOS. Also runs in Web browser, when started from Docker container.


SQL Server Database Manager Features

  • Supports both SQL server and Windows authentification on Windows (on Linux and MacOS, only SQL server authentization is supported)
  • Connect to multiple databases, directly or through SSH tunnel
  • Browse or edit data in your tables or views, filter by column value
  • Master/detail views
  • SQL Server editor - edit SQL queries with auto-complete suggestions or use query designer
  • Form view for comfortable work with tables with many columns
  • Export and import from/to CSV, JSON or Excel. Use JavaScript scripting support
  • Archives - backup your data in JSON files on local filesystem (or on DbGate server, when using web application)
  • Light and dark theme
  • Charts
  • Configurable keyboard shortcuts

DbGate for SQL Server goals

  • Complete free and open source, no paid enterprise editions
  • Simple, but powerful. One toolbar, no milions of icons without description. Heavy use of context menu
  • Should runs everywhere - Windows, Linux, Mac, web browser, maybe also mobile web in future
  • Stable and robust. Critical error in one database driver must not influence stability of the app
  • Prepared for big databases - never load full table or SQL Server query result into memory, use streams everywhere
  • Scriptable, using dbgate nodejs packages