Schema editor and deployer

Edit table schema, database compare tool

Schema editor and deployer

Table schema editor

Table structure editor, with SQL previews before save. Supports table recreating when neccessary.

  • Columns
  • Primary key
  • Foreign keys
  • Indexes
  • Uniques

Database compare tool

Database compare tool is super fast, compare to other DB compare tools, as it uses already cached DB models. You can browse and filter objects by type (table, view, procedure function) and by compare status (equal, changed, added, removed). You can select objects to be synchronized into target database. Deploy script preview is shown to user and must be confirmed before applying.

Working with database model

DB model coulde be downloaded from database into set of YAML files desccribing table structure (one YAML file for each table) and SQL files describing other database objects (table, view, procedure function). This model could be compare with real dataabse using compare tool or automatically deployed using command line.

Example of nodejs deploy script

You need Node.js for running this script. Also you will need to install dependencies, eg. with this script.

npm install --save dbgate-api
npm install --save dbgate-plugin-postgres

Deploy script will look like following:

const path = require('path');
const dbgateApi = require('dbgate-api');
const dbgatePluginPostgres = require('dbgate-plugin-postgres');

async function run() {
	await dbgateApi.deployDb({
		connection: {
			server: 'localhost',
			engine: 'postgres@dbgate-plugin-postgres',
			password: 'password',
			user: 'postgres',
			port: 5432,
			database: 'my_deployed_db',
		modelFolder: path.join(__dirname, 'folder_with_db_model'),
	console.log('Finished job script');

Foreign key editor

Database compare tool

View table structure