Data editor

Browse or edit data in your tables or views

Data editor

  • Easy-to-use quick filters
  • Master/detail views nbase on foreign keys
  • Foreign key lookups
  • Expandable columns, allowing to view and filter by columns from related tables
  • One-click group by function
  • Form view for tables with many columns
  • Group by master/detail view + group by year, month, day

Free table editor

Quick and simple tabular data editor, allows to simple organize columns and rows and in-memory tables.

  • Batch (macro) operation with preview support
  • Undo, redo
  • Save to JSON lines format, organize into archives
  • Can be used eg. for editing data exported from DB before export to CSV, or to edit data before importing into DB
  • Some of macros:
    • Change text case
    • Remove diacritics
    • Current data
    • Generate UUID

These links points to, feel free to play with it

Data grid with expandable columns

Master/detail view

Form view

Free table editor with macro preview