SQL Editor and SQL Generator

Edit SQL queries with auto-complete suggestions

SQL Editor and SQL Generator

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Code completion
  • Join wizard - add SQL joins, when you are master of SQL language, but you don’t remember all of those tables, which must be joined together Join wizard

  • SQL formatter
  • Save to “Saved queries” tab, or save to disk
  • SQL generator - script your database structure and data

SQL generator

SQL Generator allows to create SQL scripts from database. It has following options:

  • Tables
    • Create (with or without foreign keys)
    • Drop (if exists)
    • Create/Drop references foreign keys
    • Insert (options: skip autoincrement, omit NULL values, disable constraints)
    • Truncate
  • Views, stored procedures, functions
    • Create
    • Drop You can combine options from all DB objects and generate customized SQL script containing database structure and data

Query editor

SQL join wizard

SQL Generator

Run query on MongoDB database