DbGate is released on NPM repository + added SSH tunnelling

Published: Feb 15, 2021 by

DbGate is now available as NPM package . You can install it directly as NPM package. This is way, how to run WEB version of DbGate, when you have no Docker available.

Other useful NPM package is dbgate-api, which can be used for running scripts exported from DbGate, eg. exporting table data to CSV or Excel.

SSH tunnel

Other big improvement of DbGate is SSH tunneling feature. It allows connecting to database eg. on production server, which is not exposed to public internet.

Connection dialog redesign

Connection dialog is now a bit more user friendly and much more better looking.

SQL Editor context menu

SQL editor now contains context menu. Some functions where hardly accessible before this small improvement (eg. INSERT SQL JOIN wizard).


There were some bugfixes, must important is fixed exports & imports in Linux Snap distribution (and possibly on some nonstandard environments)

See changelog for full list of changes