Released DbGate 4.0.0, big frontend rework

Published: Apr 1, 2021 by

Version 4.0.0 is out. The biggest change is change of UI framework. We have got rid of React and replaced it with excellent Svelte framework. This change leads to faster UI, with smaller memory consumption. Also it allows to implement Command palette, which would bery very defficult with React.

SQL Generator

SQL Generator allows to create SQL scripts from database. It has following options:

  • Tables
    • Create (with or without foreign keys)
    • Drop (if exists)
    • Create/Drop references foreign keys
    • Insert (options: skip autoincrement, omit NULL values, disable constraints)
    • Truncate
  • Views, stored procedures, functions
    • Create
    • Drop You can combine options from all DB objects and generate customized SQL script containing database structure and data

Command palette

DbGate commands are now organized in Command Palette (press F1 to see it). It contains all currenctly available commands, with keyboard shortcut.


Macros in table data editor

Macros allows you to perform some operations on table cells, eg. convert text to upper case. Macros are run on selected cells, there is live preview of macro result.