DbGate published at Hacker News + released version 4.1.10

Published: Apr 26, 2021 by

On thursday 23, DbGate was published on Hacker News. This action brought lot of great feedback. Today, 2021-04-26, was released version 4.1.10, with many fixed problems reported by HN community.

The most repeated feature request was supporting SQLite database, so this would be main feature of next release.

What’s new in version 4.1.10

  • ADDED: Default database option in connectin settings (allows connecting to aws redshift)
  • FIX: Popup menu placement on smaller displays
  • ADDED: Browse table data with SQL Server 2008
  • FIX: Prevented malicious origins / DNS rebinding
  • ADDED: Handle JSON fields in data editor (eg. jsonb field in Postgres)
  • FIX: Fixed crash on Windows with Hyper-V
  • ADDED: Show database server version in status bar
  • ADDED: Show detailed info about error, when connect to database fails
  • FIX: Bundle size optimalization for Windows
  • ADDED: Portable ZIP distribution for Windows