Version 4.2.4 - query history, many problems fixed

Published: Jun 7, 2021 by

This release brings lot of smaller improvements and important bug fixes.

Thanks to new integration tests, many problems, specific to one database, were discovered and fixed. Largest improvements are in PostgreSQL support, where also materialized views are now supported.

New widget is now available - query history. You can browse all executed queries and search in it’s content.

Changelog after 4.2.0 version


  • ADDED: Query history
  • ADDED: One-click exports in desktop app
  • ADDED: JSON array export
  • FIXED: Procedures in PostgreSQL
  • ADDED: Support of materialized views for PostgreSQL
  • ADDED: Integration tests
  • FIXED: Fixes in DB structure analysis in PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL
  • FIXED: Save data in SQLite, PostgreSQL
  • CHANGED: Introduced package dbgate-query-splitter, instead of sql-query-identifier and @verycrazydog/mysql-parse


  • ADDED: ARM builds for MacOS and Linux
  • ADDED: Filter by columns in form view


  • CHANGED: Further startup optimalization (approx. 2 times quicker start of electron app)


  • FIXED: Fixed+optimalized app startup (esp. on Windows)