Version 4.3.0 - schema editor

Published: Sep 20, 2021 by

This release brings schema editor. You can edit table schema, define primary keys, foreign keys, indexes and unique constraints.
When alter operation is not directly supported by SQL engine (eg. drop constraint on SQLite), DbGate generates table recreate script.

Table modifications with recreates are not recomended to run od production databases.

Changelog after 4.2.4 version


  • ADDED: Table structure editor
  • ADDED: Index support
  • ADDED: Unique constraint support
  • ADDED: Context menu for drop/rename table/columns and for drop view/procedure/function
  • ADDED: Added support for Windows arm64 platform
  • FIXED: Search by _id in MongoDB


  • FIXED: Fixed MongoDB import
  • ADDED: Configurable thousands separator #136
  • ADDED: Using case insensitive text search in postgres


  • FIXED: Fixed crash when using large model on some installations
  • FIXED: Postgre SQL CREATE function
  • FIXED: Analysing of MySQL when modifyDate is not known