Version 4.6.1 - Applications, XML import

Published: Jan 31, 2022 by

This version brings lot of important changes.

Virtual foreign keys, applications

DbGate has lot of features (master/detail views, lookups), which are dependend on correcly defined foreign keys in database. Unfortunately, lot of databases lacks forcing reference integrity, so DbGate doesn’t know relations between tables.

This is time for virtual reference - you define foreign keys only in DbGate. This foreign key is stored in somewhat, which is called in DbGate “application”. You can than assign the same application to more databases, so it isn’t necessary to define virtual foreign keys again for each database.

Next posibility, which offers application, is creating application related scripts. If you save this script, it is than available in context menu of database.

Theme plugins

DbGate has 2 buildin themes - dark and light. But is is super easy to create new theme, not it is available to everyone, who has basic skills of nodejs. Plugin development is described on WIKI.


I have created basic documentation sumarizing some not obvious solutions, which DbGate offers.

XML export and import

Simple XML export/import buildtin plugin was added. If supports stream processing (so there is no size limit). It loads data from both attributes and elements.

Changelog after 4.6.0 version


  • ADDED: Ability to configure SSH tunnel over environment variables #210 (for docker container)
  • ADDED: XML export and import
  • ADDED: Archive file - show and edit source text file
  • ADDED: Window title shows current tab and database
  • ADDED: DbGate documentation
  • ADDED: Introduced application layers
  • ADDED: Virtual foreign key editor
  • ADDED: Application commands (SQL scripts related to database)
  • ADDED: Theme can be implemented in plugin
  • CHANGED: Dictionary description is stored in app
  • FIXED: Unique and index editor
  • FIXED: Posibility to edit UNIQUE index flag
  • CHANGED: UX improvements of table editor