Version 5.1.0 - Perspectives

Published: Aug 8, 2022 by

I am proud to announce new feature release with one big highlight - perspectives. Table perspectives feature is subset of visual query language defined by Eirik Bakke in his PhD work PhD work. It offers very comfortable and intuitive way to explore data in tables with complex relations. This feature works very well with foreign keys, but when you have database without foreign keys, you could define custom joins and define relations, which you need for the perspective.

It could even combine data from different databases or database servers into one report.

Please use docs for further details.

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Changelog after 5.0.0 version


  • ADDED: Perspectives
  • CHANGED: Upgraded SQLite engine version (driver better-sqlite3: 7.6.2)
  • CHANGED: Upgraded ElectronJS version (from version 13 to version 17)
  • CHANGED: Upgraded all dependencies with current available minor version updates
  • CHANGED: By deffault, connect on click #332˝
  • CHANGED: Improved keyboard navigation, when editing table data #331
  • ADDED: Option to skip Save changes dialog #329
  • FIXED: Unsigned column doesn’t work correctly. #324
  • FIXED: Connect to MS SQL with doamin user now works also under Linux and Mac #305


  • FIXED: Fixed problem with SSE events on web version
  • ADDED: Added menu command “New query designer”
  • ADDED: Added menu command “New ER diagram”


  • ADDED: SQL Server - support using domain logins under Linux and Mac #305
  • ADDED: Permissions for connections #318
  • ADDED: Ability to change editor front #308
  • ADDED: Custom expression in query designer #306
  • ADDED: OR conditions in query designer #321
  • ADDED: Ability to configure settings view environment variables #304


  • FIXED: Fixed some problems with SSH tunnel (upgraded SSH client) #315
  • FIXED: Fixed MongoDB executing find query #312
  • ADDED: Interval filters for date/time columns #311
  • ADDED: Ability to clone rows #309
  • ADDED: connecting option Trust server certificate for SQL Server #305
  • ADDED: Autorefresh, reload table every x second #303
  • FIXED(app): Changing editor theme and font size in Editor Themes #300


  • ADDED: Search in columns
  • CHANGED: Upgraded mongodb driver
  • ADDED: Ability to reset view, when data load fails
  • FIXED: Filtering works for complex types (geography, xml under MSSQL)
  • FIXED: Fixed some NPM package problems


  • ADDED: Visualisation geographics objects on map #288
  • ADDED: Support for native SQL as default value inside yaml files #296
  • FIXED: Postgres boolean columns don’t filter correctly #298
  • FIXED: Importing dbgate-api as NPM package now works correctly
  • FIXED: Handle error when reading deleted archive


  • CHANGED: Optimalization of loading DB structure for PostgreSQL, MySQL #273
  • CHANGED: Upgraded mysql driver #293
  • CHANGED: Better UX when defining SSH port #291
  • ADDED: Database object menu from tab
  • CHANGED: Ability to close file uploader
  • FIXED: Correct handling of NUL values in update keys
  • CHANGED: Upgraded MS SQL tedious driver
  • ADDED: Change order of pinned tables & databases #227
  • FIXED: #294 Statusbar doesn’t match active tab
  • CHANGED: Improved connection worklflow, disconnecting shws confirmations, when it leads to close any tabs
  • ADDED: Configurable object actions #255
  • ADDED: Multiple sort criteria #235
  • ADDED(app): Open JSON file


  • FIXED: Cannot use SSH Tunnel after update #291


  • FIXED(app): Can’t Click Sidebar Menu Item #287