Version 5.1.1 - Perspective designer

Published: Sep 5, 2022 by

Although 5.1.1 is marked as minor version release, it brings very important change - perspectives (added in last version) have now a new designer. It look similar like query designer, but it has not query designer constraints - as the result is not single flat query, but hiearchical perspective view.

The designer is nice, when using perspectives on database with foreign keys. But it becomes a must, when using on DB without foreign keys, or when using perspective between different databases.

Please use docs for further details.

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All changes from 5.1.1 release

  • ADDED: Perspective designer
  • FIXED: NULL,NOT NULL filter datatime columns #356
  • FIXED: Recognize computed columns on SQL server #354
  • ADDED: Hotkey for clear filter #352
  • FIXED: Change column type on Postgres #350
  • ADDED: Ability to open qdesign file #349
  • ADDED: Custom editor font size #345
  • ADDED: Ability to open perspective files