Version 5.1.5 - MongoDB query builder

Published: Oct 15, 2022 by

The newest version brings quite unique feature for MongoDB - query builder. Well, it works very differently from SQL query designer, but you can select data from more collections and join them together, as in normal SQL query builder.

Tagged docker images, docker ARM support

Docker image for stable channel are now tagged with version.

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Changelog after 5.1.3 version


  • ADDED: Support perspectives for MongoDB - MongoDB query designer
  • ADDED: Show JSON content directly in the overview #395
  • CHANGED: OSX Command H shortcut for hiding window #390
  • ADDED: Uppercase Autocomplete Suggestions #389
  • FIXED: Record view left/right arrows cause start record number to be treated as string #388
  • FIXED: MongoDb ObjectId behaviour not consistent in nested objects #387
  • FIXED: - beta version crash 5.1.5-beta.3 #386
  • ADDED: connect via socket - configurable via environment variables #358


  • ADDED: Drop database commands #384
  • ADDED: Customizable Redis key separator #379
  • ADDED: ARM support for docker images
  • ADDED: Version tags for docker images
  • ADDED: Better SQL command splitting and highlighting
  • ADDED: Unsaved marker for SQL files