Version 5.2.3 - Data duplicator

Published: Feb 27, 2023 by

I am glad to announce new release of DbGate - 5.2.3. It brings lot of smaller improvements, and one maybe a bit cryptic feature - data duplicator. Also, as good software should have only useful features, one big feature was completely removed - data sheet editor.

Better data archive support

Data archive in DbGate is folder with data files in JSON lines (NDJSON) format. This format is heavily used by DbGate, eg. each query result is stored into temporary NDJSON file.

In new version, you could edit NDJSON files (both data and structure) and also define sorting criteria. (filtering was implemented ialready in previous versions)

In former version, editing ofn NDJSON files was possible only with Data sheet editor, which worked only for small data. This was a bit confusing and uncofortable, so this editor is completely removed, now editing works also for large datasets.

Data duplicator

Data duplicator is quite simple, but very powerful feature. It solves problem, when you have related data in one database (in more related tables), and you want to copy them into another database, with persisting relations. If you could use the same IDs, you could use simpler methods, data duplicator soplves situations, when you must generate new IDs, with preserving relations.

See more about data duplicator

Mutli column filter

This feature is for very lazy people (or people with lack of time). You could now filter tables, even if you don’t know, which column to filter. DbGate simply creates search criteria over all columns for you on background. Multi-column filtering is also implemented in data perspectives, here it is even more helpful, because you don’t see all columns, so settings filter on specific column requires more clicking. In perspectives multi-column filters work also for MongoDB.

Support us

DbGate is an MIT-licensed open-source project. Great thanks to sponsors. Please, consider supporting us!

Full changelog after 5.2.0 version


  • ADDED: Search entire table (multi column filter) #491
  • ADDED: OracleDB - connection to toher than default ports #496
  • CHANGED: OracleDB - status of support set to experimental
  • FIXED: OracleDB database URL - fixes: Connect to default Oracle database #489
  • ADDED: HTML, XML code highlighting for Edit cell value #485
  • FIXED: Intellisense - incorrect alias after ORDER BY clause #484
  • FIXED: Typo in SQL-Generator #481
  • ADDED: Data duplicator #480
  • FIXED: MongoDB - support for views #476
  • FIXED: “SQL:CREATE TABLE” generated SQL default value syntax errors #455
  • FIXED: Crash when right-clicking on tables #452
  • FIXED: View sort #436
  • ADDED: Arm64 version for Windows #473
  • ADDED: Sortable query results and data archive
  • CHANGED: Use transactions for saving table data
  • CHANGED: Save table structure uses transactions
  • ADDED: Table data editing - shows editing mark
  • ADDED: Editing data archive files
  • FIXED: Delete cascade options when using more than 2 tables
  • ADDED: Save to current archive commands
  • ADDED: Current archive mark is on status bar
  • FIXED: Changed package used for parsing JSONL files when browsing - fixes backend freezing
  • FIXED: SSL option for mongodb #504
  • REMOVED: Data sheet editor
  • FIXED: Creating SQLite autoincrement column
  • FIXED: Better error reporting from exports/import/dulicator
  • CHANGED: Optimalizede OracleDB analysing algorithm
  • ADDED: Mutli column filter for perspectives
  • FIXED: Fixed some scenarios using tables from different DBs
  • FIXED: Sessions with long-running queries are not killed


  • FIXED: Optimalized load DB structure for PostgreSQL #451
  • ADDED: Auto-closing query connections after configurable (15 minutes default) no-activity interval #468
  • ADDED: Set application-name connection parameter (for PostgreSQL and MS SQL) for easier identifying of DbGate connections
  • ADDED: Filters supports binary IDs #467
  • FIXED: Ctrl+Tab works (switching tabs) #457
  • FIXED: Format code supports non-standard letters #450
  • ADDED: New logging system, log to file, ability to reduce logging #360 (using
  • FIXED: crash on Windows and Mac after system goes in suspend mode #458
  • ADDED: dbmodel standalone NPM package ( - deploy database via commandline tool


  • FIXED: client_id param in OAuth
  • ADDED: OAuth scope parameter
  • FIXED: login page - password was not sent, when submitting by pressing ENTER
  • FIXED: Used permissions fix
  • FIXED: Export modal - fixed crash when selecting different database