Version 5.2.8 - lot of improvements from community

Published: May 17, 2024 by

I am glad to announce new release of DbGate - 5.2.8. It contains lot of improvements from DbGate opensource community, great thanks for them.

Support for MySQL enum/set

DbGate now supports MySQL enum and set types, you could edit these values in data editor.

Updated dependencies

DbGate has now updated all database drivers and most important frameworks, like electron and svelte, which solved some incompatibility issues.

DbGate on flathub

Good news for Linux users, DbGate is finally published on flathub, .

Support us

DbGate is an MIT-licensed open-source project. Great thanks to sponsors. Please, consider supporting us!

Full changelog after 5.2.3 version


  • FIXED: file menu save and save as not working
  • FIXED: query editor on import/export screen overlaps with selector
  • FIXED: Fixed inconsistencies in max/unmaximize window buttons
  • FIXED: shortcut for select all
  • FIXED: download with auth header
  • CHANGED: Upgraded database drivers for mysql, postgres, sqlite, mssql, mongo, redis
  • CHANGED: Upgraded electron version (now using v30)
  • ADDED: Vim keyboard bindings for editor
  • FIXED: Correctly select the save folder for dump
  • ADDED: enum + set for mysql (#693)
  • FIXED: localStorageGabageCollector not working
  • FIXED: Encoding error when opening Unicode query files
  • ADDED: Add copy/paste to query tab and database list
  • ADDED: Add copy name to table list
  • FIXED: Make TabControl scrollable (#730)
  • ADDED: Add copy to column list
  • FIXED: Problems with SQLite + glibc in docker containers
  • ADDED: Button for discard/reset changes (#759)
  • FIXED: Don’t show error dialog when subprocess fails, as DbGate handles this correctly (#751, #746, #542, #272)


  • FIXED: fix body overflow when context menu height great than viewport #592
  • FIXED: Pass signals in #596
  • FIXED: Remove missing links to jenasoft #625
  • FIXED: add API headers on upload call #627
  • FIXED: Disabled shell scripting for NPM distribution by default
  • FIXED: Fixed data import from files #633
  • FIXED: Fixed showing GPS positions #575
  • CHANGED: Improved stability of electron client on Windows and Mac (fewer EPIPE errors)


  • FIXED: DbGate creates a lot of .tmp.node files in the temp directory #561
  • FIXED: Typo in datetimeoffset dataType #556
  • FIXED: SQL export is using the wrong hour formatting #537
  • FIXED: Missing toolstrip and adds up to 200% zoom to diagram view #524
  • FIXED: MongoDB password could contain special characters #560


  • ADDED: Split Windows #394
  • FIXED: Postgres index asc/desc #514
  • FIXED: Excel export not working since 5.2.3 #511
  • ADDED: Include macOS specific app icon #494
  • FIXED: Resizing window resets window contents #479
  • FIXED: Solved some minor problems with widget collapsing


  • FIXED: npm version crash (#508)