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Version 4.2.4 - query history, many problems fixed

This release brings lot of smaller improvements and important bug fixes.

Version 4.2.0 - added support of SQLite, Amazon Redshift and CockroachDB

Main improvement of this version is adding of SQLite support.

DbGate published at Hacker News + released version 4.1.10

On thursday 23, DbGate was published on Hacker News. This action brought lot of great feedback. Today, 2021-04-26, was released version 4.1.10, with many fixed problems reported by HN community.

MongoDB support, released version 4.1.0

We are proud to announce new version 4.1.0 with first NoSQL DB supported, MongoDB. Though DbGate was primarily designed to work with fixed schema databases, the architecture was designed with document databases in the mind.

Rewrite app from React to Svelte, what you can expect

Recently I have rewritten a medium sized app in React (~250 React components) into Svelte. The result of this action is app, which is more efficient, with easier maintenance and much more readable code. But there were some problems, some situations, which are not streightforward to transform into Svelte code. This article describes some of these situations.